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On the site we have:

  • Playing fields
  • Rowing boats
  • Outdoor and indoor table tennis
  • Volleyball field
  • Nature playground
  • Petanque
  • Swings
  • Camp Fire

Indoors we offer:

  • Table tennis
  • Foosball
  • Air hockey
  • Board games
  • Common rooms with TV
  • Library

Short introduction to Hillerød:

Hillerød is situated in the heart of the Northern part of Sealand surrounded by beautiful nature, among others the big wood and natural resort St. Dyrehave and Lake Esrum.


Frederiksborg Castle is located in the center of town with the astonishing baroque garden. In the castle you can see the castle church, the old living rooms and the National Historical museum, which contains the country’s largest collection of portraits.

The town of Hillerød has a big variety of shops in and around the main shopping street and in the big mall; SlotsArkaderne.

At the library of Hillerød that is situated in the middle of the Hillerød’s ”knowledge and culture park” there are seasonal art exhibitions in the long lounge.  

Activities in Hillerød

Hillerød Public Swimming Pool, Contact: (+45) 48 25 12 35 


Hillerød Public Swimming Pool – is a part of ”FrederiksborgCentret” – and has about 220.000 visitors pr. year.

The public swimming pool contains 2 million litres of water. The total length of the basins is 50 m., and is in the public opening hours divided into three basins.


  • The playing basin with a depth of 0.9 m.
  • The swimming basin with a depth of 1,8 m.
  • The dive basin with a depth of 4 m. 


In the public swimming pool you will also find three springboards on 1, 3 and 5 meters respectively, three water slides, one for the younger children in the small basin, one in the deep basin and one of 53 meters that ends in the deep basin as well.

Click here to see the opening hours of the public swimming pool:http://www.frederiksborgcentret.dk/16/5/%C3%A5bningstider.html


The nature playground


Eghjorten is a nature playground situated North East of Hillerød – not far from Nødebo in a clearing on the outskirts of the woods. It offers several motile challenges, which are among others hills with underground passages, seesaws and swings, a balance bar, a spider web built from small trunks, where one can among others walk the rope. A maze, a ship, and last but not least a big airplane. All of these made from natural materials, which is an amazing sight. Furthermore, there are tables, benches and four campfires. http://www.sjovforborn.dk/detail.asp?I=1&OID=228


BioCity Hillerød, 6 cinemas and 751 chairs


The cinema has 751 comfortable armchairs divided between the 6 cinemas, fitted with among others a Dolby Digital EX. The cinema also shows 3D movies. Click here to see the program of the cinema: http://www.kino.dk/aktuelle-film


Bowling: Slotsbowl, junior bowl


You also have the opportunity to go to the bowling center, Slotsbowl, and see who will do best at the bowling alleys.

1 hour bowling including shoes, and two gambling coins for each (worth 20 kr. each) costsonly DKK 39,- pr. person when being a minimum 4 people.

For two hours and 4 gambling coins the price is DKK 78,- pr. person if you are 4 or more people.

Junior bowling is offered Tuesday – Thursday from midday – 5 pm, and Friday from midday – 3 pm. Junior bowling is for children up to the age of 14. Click here to see the opening hours:http://www.slots-bowl.dk/bowling/



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